Birthday Gift!!!

Hishashiburi...its been a while since my last post...
Been quite busy as always...

Last month was my birthday...yeah!! haha...
Actually it does not that exciting as I'm becoming older than last year tehee...XD
Oh as a dreamy girl i'm always dream to receive a birthday gift from J your dream baka!! =D

But there is one thing that made me excited, I received a gift from my BFF, and as she know I'm really into Jun, she give me a surprise..
Ja jang....

Jun mug!!! wink^^

Hoorey!! will have a mug of Jun every day haha...cho ureshi!!
A mug of coffee and dream of Jun...XD
Thanks a lot to my BFF for understanding me u BFF!
Love Jun face on the mug...m(_ _)m

Super Long Hiatus...

What a super long hiatus...i've been away from the fandom since march...
and now im a bit lost here...a lot to be ketch up now.. XD
But im glad that when im back there are some good news..especially about VS Arashi will be air
on my country channel Malaysia, yatta!!!...soooo glad to hear that, thanks to awa_naj for that great and nice information...
now can't wait to watch it on my own tv...=D
VS Arashi
Also..also can't wait for someone or community who are really kind and nice to upload and subbing my ichiban Matsujun's 'Hidamari no Kanojo' movie...
Hope it will be screen here in my country, but not so sure about that, its quite impossible for that i think =(
But its ok i'll be waiting for the dvd to be out soon...m(_ _)m
Hidamari no kanojo


Hoho...finally Arafes in my really satisfied cos i can watch it fully...^^
As aspected from Arashi...its awesome..sugoi!!!

2013-03-02 19.02.36
I love it all..
The opening really makes me think that Arashi will do anything for the sake of the performance and of course for their fans.
No wonder Arashi loved by all...=)

Arafes opening2
Arafes opening
Wonder how long has they been inside the balloon before the concert started...its all for the fans...^^

The stage, the moving stage,

Arafes 3

Insteed of Carnival night...they make it as Festival Night..

festival night

They really enjoy the show...

Rabu rabu inside...^^
All are loved...<3

The crowds also so great...they're so genki as Arashi....=)
Feel so great after watching it...wish i was there!!!
This makes me smile the whole day...wink wink ^^


Yay!!! Done with 'Lucky se7en'...=D

Yatta yo!!
Finally i manage to finish up all the episode of my 'J' dorama (Lucky se7en)..together with the SP..
After several month struggling with my other stuff to do...i do get a chance to finish it up during my
few days of holiday...Im actually manage to wisely used and fulled up the time with things that i really
wanted to holiday really full of Jun and Arashi...wink ^^

To sum up the dorama i really love the action that Jun done in it, u know the fighting scene...he looks
cho kakkoii...^^
Also the chemistry between him n Eita made the dorama really fun to watch..

But somehow..i really wanted to watch and see more more serious character from Jun...
I mean like a mysterious character..for example like Ohno's dorama Maou..
Ah also like his character in Gokusen, really want him to show more of his talent in acting..
Hope this year he will be offered with that kind of character in dorama or movie maybe...=)
Other than that, i think the dorama (Lucky se7en) is worth to watch ne...m(_ _)m

Lucky 7even


Its really a busy week, month and year, continuation from last year huhu...
only have a few time to look around here and got no time to write anything,
actually have a lot to share, but unfortunately cannot.
Today i only have a few minutes free time to write, so just take the advantage.
Recently, i really try my hard to finish my J's  'Lucky 7even' dorama, It has been a few months 
i had bought it, but no time to settle it huhu...
Hope i could finish it up this week, since its gonna be a few days of holiday. Hopefully i could, 
ganbatte for my self =)
Now gonna continue with load of work...ja ne.. 
Have a nice day minna...
Really miss Jun and Arashi...wanna watch their show so hard...=(

Miss them all...<3

Just Drop by..

hmm..i think its not too late to wish 'Happy Birthday' to our Sho-chan
Quite busy lately..make me late to wish on his special day..(feel like he know me haha...)
Anyway hope he will be more success and have a very good life especially this year and so on...
Dear Sho-chan, hope u are happy together with your family and Arashi members as well..=D

Surprised!!! haha...=D

Stealing a time to be here...

Just wanna wish a Happy Birthday to my friend ezura...hope u having a great time on your special day..
Also have a great great time during your break okay...
Here i would like Arashi to sing a birthday song to u ne...

Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to u,
Happy birthday to ezura...
Happy birthday to u!!!

Otanjoubi Omedetou!!!

Genki da ne...jaa m(_ _)m
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Wanna take a break...

iI need a break..i need a time for my lovely Arashi huhu...
Lately been so busy with all stuff.., 
im return back to my busy schedule...huaaaa
miss them already...but i need to focus first with my study, work and all now....=(
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Finally, After a Long Wait!!!

Yeay!! Yatta yo!!!
Finally after waiting for so long, last saturday i've got My 'ARASHI LIVE TOUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD' DVD...
Im cho ureshi ne..until today i've watch it repeatedly for several time haha...really can't take my eyes 
off of them...=D

2012-12-01 18.00.47
2012-12-01 18.03.41\
They're Beautiful as usual...m(_ _)m